Cyberbullying: Identify, Prevent, Respond

Cyberbullying: Identify, Prevent, Respond

Modern Youth International Model United Nations:MYI-MUN

Date : 17-10-2021

Time : 06:00 pm

Register by : 17-10-2021

Eligibility : Undergraduates, School Students

Mode : Online

Social Issues


“I was bullied until I prevented a new student from
being bullied. By standing up for him I learned to
stand up for myself.”
                                                                    ~ Jackie Chan
In this contemporary world infused with technology, modern age problems have grown. As a coin has two sides, so does technology today; one positive while the other one negative. To simplify, excessive abuse and hatred on social media have led to the birth of Cyberbullying, further instigating much harm to the physical and mental health of netizens.
Thus, we bring forth a workshop where all the attendees will learn about cyberbullying, how to prevent it
and how to respond to it immediately and appropriately.
So are you joining? Come on and join us!!
Details for the Workshop:-
Date: 17th October, 2021
Day: Sunday
Time: 6pm – 8pm IST
Platform: Zoom Cloud Meet
E-Certificate will be provided to all the attendees.
Additional Perks
Merits of Attending MYIMUN’s Workshops:- Expert Knowledge, International Participation Certificate, Renewed Motivation, Opportunities for Networking, Develop New Prowess, Fun & Informative Activities, Having Fun While Learning & Network with like-minded entrepreneurs.

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