Maitreyi College

Date : 15-04-2022

Register by : 13-04-2022

Eligibility : All

Team Size : Individual

Mode : Online


SCINTILLATIONS : Physics Society of Maitreyi College, University Of Delhi brings an EXCITING PHYSICS TAMBOLA🤩 under the Annual fest ” QUEST “✨.

The following are the basic rules for this event
Ticket prices are:
1 ticket :Rs10/-
3 tickets Rs 20/-

Each Tambola ticket🎫 has 3 horizontal rows and 9 vertical columns. which makes 27 boxes in total.
There are 5 numbers in each horizontal row, with the remaining 4 boxes randomly blocked out.The first column has numbers from 1-9, the second from 10-19, and so on, up to the number 90.

1.You are expected to create the replica of the ticket you recieved on a page for playing the game.
2.You must have a pen or pencil before the game begins so that you can cross off the numbers as you are called. (The numbers, however will not be announced straightway, instead you shall be given a physics related or basic science related question with hints which you’ll find the required number and hence check your ticket for the number}.
3.If you find the answer to the caller’s question in your ticket, you must cross the number right away.

Prizes worth Rs. 2000


+91 79003 05253

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