Slogan Writing Competition

Slogan Writing Competition

Aranyam: The Life Science Society

Date : 22-03-2022

Register by : 20-03-2022

Eligibility : All College Students

Team Size : Individual

Mode : Offline - Auditorium, Shivaji College Campus, Shivaji Enclave, Raja Garden, New Delhi 110027


It takes a powerful slogan to give voice to any powerful movement and with the right slogan, the voice can break records and bring about any change in the world. 🌸✍🏻

With the same spirit, अरण्यम्: The Life Sciences Society of Shivaji College, University of Delhi is pleased to conduct Inter-College Slogan Writing Competition on the occasion of World Water Day-2022. 💧🌦️


Date- March 22, 2022
Timing- 9:30AM- 10:30 AM
Venue- Hawa Mahal, Shivaji College

1. There is no Registration fee and link for registration form is provided below.
2. Last date for registration is March 20, 2022 till 12 PM.
3. All the participants shall report to the registration desk before the event commences.
4. Discipline shall be maintained.
5. The slogan should be written on A4 size paper only and shall be of minimum 4 words and maximum 50 words.
6. Time duration for slogan writing would strictly be 10 minutes.
7. No electronic devices are permitted at the venue and can lead to disqualification.
8. The slogan can be written in English/Hindi.
9. Individual entries are only allowed.
10. Slogan will be judged based on the content’s originality and relevance to theme and please note that presentation will be considered while judging.
11. The articles written in different languages will not be evaluated separately.
12. Plagiarism shall not be tolerated and will lead to disqualification from the competition.
13. The decisions of the Judges in deciding the ranks will be final and binding to all.
14. Violation of any of the contest rules shall lead to elimination.

Amazing prizes await you
🥇 1st Prize- Rs. 1000/-
🥈 2nd Prize- Rs. 600/-
🥉 3rd Prize- Rs. 300/-

🎖️ Certificates for achievement and participation shall also be provided.

Do participate to expand the horizon of your knowledge and creativity.

Team अरण्यम्
The Life Sciences Society
Shivaji College, University of Delhi

1st Prize- Rs. 1000/-
2nd Prize- Rs. 600/-
3rd Prize- Rs. 300/-

Participation Certificate


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