2nd Annual SanTech Hackathon by Finish Mondial

2nd Annual SanTech Hackathon

Finish Mondial

Date : April 29, 2021 - July 21 , 2021

Register by : May 15, 2021

Eligibility : All

Mode : Online - Google Meet & Discord

Team : 1-20 Members


Finish Mondial is a determined, 6-country program aspiring to considerably scale up the access and use of harmless sanitation led by Dutch NGOs, Waste, Amref Flying Doctors & Aqua for All, financed in part by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands (DGIS). Finish commenced in India (2009) with the target of establishing a local scheme to present sanitation services on a significant scale.


  • High cost of removal, higher fill-up rate due to incursion of the groundwater
  • Infrastructure damage due to water level variation
  • Regular retirement for many retrofitting/maintenance after each flood
  • High demand for toilets during flooding

Required Solutions:

  • Innovations suitable for high-water table areas (groundwater table 1 meter below the ground) & flooded/waterlogged (maximum 0.6 meters above the ground)
  • Improvements on existing systems or completely new ideas, created through: novel design, choice of materials, new processes, and/or any other component
  • Innovations must target all components of the toilet and its functionalities

Eligibility: Individual or as part of the group (research institution, academic institution, NGO, or entrepreneur)

Participation Procedure:

  • Application form (Annex 1)
  • Supporting materials (including 2 videos (landscape format) of 60 seconds footage of your innovation in action and 60 seconds interview-style explaining how the innovation works and 3 photos)
  • Submit your application and supporting materials (before 30th May 2021)

Application Form : Click Here

Guide : Click here

Prizes & Reward

Winner € 3,000

First Runner Up € 2,000

Second Runner Up € 1,000

Audience's Favourite € 1,000

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