About Us

We are on a mission to provide students and professionals with an abundance of exposure, opportunities and knowledge.

We are creating the Eve Universe where the possibilities are endless with: The Evepaper (ePaper), evepaper.com, Eve NGOs, Eve Learn, Eve Digital Space and Eve Consultancy making it an unrivalled ecosystem. 

The Evepaper (ePaper) 

An e-Paper loved by 50,000+ students across the country. It contains well-researched, accurate and precise news across five full-length domains: National, International, Business, Education, Science, and Technology. Along with brain-trainers, vocabulary-builders, interesting facts, creative works and many more exciting things.


We have been media partners of more than 300+ college societies, NGOs, and comapnies. The website has 40,000+ users, 2,00,000 page views and 1000+ opportunities like competitions, workshops, college fests, jobs, internships and various other events. Hence, providing the right set of engagements for students, professionals, colleges, NGOs and businesses all for free.

Eve NGOs

Find and join only credible, registered, verified and active NGOs through Eve NGOs. 

Eve Learn 

Find 100% practical and upskilling courses consisting of mocks, audiobooks, ebooks, audiograms, videos, etc. These courses are curated by 300+ researchers just for you. We have a simple goal to act as a catalyst in the growth of the learners by providing hand-hold support at pocket-friendly prices.

Eve Digital Space 

Eve Digital Space is a digital marketing portal that aims to connect businesses and brands with their target audience. Our goal is to bring youth engagement and create a source of revenue for the businesses.

Eve Consultancy (Finance, Taxation, Registration)

Eve Consultancy works with Chartered Accountants, Company Secretary, Lawyers, Business Consultants, and other practicing professionals. Our experience enables us to ensure that our clients benefit from the best business advice and financial solutions.

Visit: https://eveconsultancy.com/