About Us

We at the Evepaper, are on a mission to impart an abundance of knowledge and opportunities to the youth. Our Evepaper is a one-stop destination for the holistic development of students and professionals. 

Evepaper is backed up by PPKA.

About PPKA

PPKA works with Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Company Secretary, Lawyers, Business Consultants, and other practising professionals who serve a wide network of clients in India and outside India. We have immense practical experience and expertise in accounting, audit and assurance, taxation, business law, business incorporation and management consultancy.

With our vast knowledge, professional experience and specialized skills we aim to provide our clients with the most suitable financial advice and business solutions. 

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About Evepaper

The Evepaper (e-Paper)

The Evepaper is prepared and created by our in-house editors which contain national, international, business, sports, etc news within 50-70 words. It also contains a vocabulary builder, brain train, articles on various topics, and opportunities section (competitions, internships, workshops, etc). 

Evepaper.com Website

Evepaper.com enables the students and professionals to explore various competitions, workshops & webinars, internships, volunteering programs, college fests, etc. to showcase their skills and talents.

Through our platform students can increase their real-world experiences and get exposure towards a realistic outlook of the competitive nature of real life. It helps other institutions and organisations to list various opportunities for free on our website.

2,00,000+ page views. 40,000+ student website users. Publish your creative content, internships, competitions, workshops, etc. for free! 😇