Ace the Health Race- College Edition

A healthy lifestyle comprises both diet and exercise, in the previous article we covered the former, we now come to workout. As a young college going individual, taking out time for oneself can be difficult, but to ensure mobility of the body, one also needs to focus on physical movement. Here are a few easy ways to squeeze in exercise in your hectic schedule-Choose a movement you love- our motive is not to tire the body, but to feel energized with the endorphin release. Try and understand the kind of exercise you enjoy the most, it could be something as simple as stretching or as intense as weight training, it’s your call, the intention is to stay consistent. You could also mix up your workout routine according to the time at hand. It will take about a week or so, but once you get into the routine, there’s no turning back!

Be flexible- Go one step at a time, do not overburden yourself, promise to show up everyday, it could be for 5 minutes or 50. Being too hard on yourself will only make you demotivated and fatigued. Give yourself time to adjust, acknowledge your body’s needs and act accordingly. Everyday is different, thus, sticking to a set routine can be difficult, be flexible with your routine, but don’t give up.

Start small, aim high- if you are new to exercising, try and stick to basic movements, do not compare yourself to others. Build your stamina overtime, add new movements every week and slowly, you’ll progress. Remember steady and long-term progress is the aim!