Organised by ‘AWAAZ' :English debating society, Ramlal Anand College University of Delhi

‘AWAAZ’ The english debating society of Ramlal Anand College, recently organised the first event of the session 2023-24 ‘AGORA’. It was the two day event from 3rd  to 4th November.
The event featured the multitude of competitions, encompassing various debating styles to students across any university and Institute. The primary aim of the AGORA was to facilitate the refinement of participant’s personalities.
The event was orchestered under the unwavering support and guidance of our Principle Dr Rakesh Kumar Gupta and faculty members, Mr. Srijan SinghDr Ritu Vyas and Mr Taha Yasin. The participants were invited through google forms. A huge number of responses made the event more worthy.     
The generous sponsorship from Fresca   juice and collaboration with photography society Drishyam esteem the event. The various competitions of different debating styles were organised in the event.


The panel of judges presiding over the extempore competition comprised of Garv, Madhvendra Singh, Subhavi Dixit and Taha Yasin In this , participants were given a bowl with pieces of paper each listed various topics. Upon selecting a slip they were assigned a randomised topics with few minutes for preparation. Following the speech, judges interjected with questions evaluating participants’ ability to address inquiries. A immense number of participants showed their presence in the extempore. Shivangi Gaur (Daulat Ram College) backed first position whereas Rajshekhar Mishra(Motilal College) and Swayan Siddha (Ramlal Anand College) we’re the first and second runner ups respectively.


Srijan Singh was the judge for turncoat. This debate format involve participants receiving the motion in advance compelling them to prepare arguments for both sides. The whole procedure is divided into three segments, starts with opening remark in favour of motion with in timeline of 2 minutes. Buzzer sound is an indication to switch to the opposite stance articulating counter arguments with a time constraint of 2 minutes. In last culminating segment participant requires to conclude their arguments by providing balanced summary with in 1 minute.

Sharanyam Singh(PGDAV evening college) emerges as winner whereas Darshan Magadum (Hansraj College) and Rajshekhar Mishra (Motilal Nehru College) were the first and second runner ups respectively.


Ansh Wadhwa, Deepansha Raina, Maahir kohli and Tanish Malhotra were served as the judges for the turncoat.

 This debating format is comprised of two sides, affirmative(favour) and negative (against) . Turncoat is characterised by multifaceted structure and formalised procedure. The debate starts by affirmative construct from the affirmative side followed by cross questions from negative side and same with negative side. These cross questions for both of the sides shall not being responded at this moment of time. For that there is a ‘rebuttal round’ were both the sides respond to each other’s cross question without introducing new arguments.                        Latest responses of both the sides makes their final case followed by closing arguments of both the side. The one who makes their arguments more logical and clear and manages to respond cross question with satisfactory answer is considered as winner.                                                                                                                                           

Priya Singh (TATA Institute of Social Science) was winner whereas runner up position was backed by Darshan Magadhun (Hansraj College).


The moderator panel for Oxford consist of Adya V. Minaxi , Laxya Thapiyali and Mohit Marwaah. The Oxford debate format is like a verbal battleground where two teams face off over a statement. One team supporting it  the other team opposing what sets it interesting is the audience involvement. Audience cast vote before a  after the debate, essentially scoring how persuasive each team is. The debate starts with both team presenting their opening remarks and followed by intra panel session. Audience have opportunity to question the teams in group discussion session. Post debate vote, determines the winner. This shows how well a team  argued and brought how many votes to their side.

Team Noob (Harshita Bisht and Roshani Sahay) from Ramlal Anand College secured the winner position and team Gossip Girls (Vasavi Mahajan and Devanshi Dharia) from VIPS took the runner up position.

The success of the AGORA hinged entirely on the relentless dedication of our hardworking team members. All the teams and heads alongside of office bearers showed their  efforts from planning to execution and played pivotal role in making the event successful.