Battle of Brads

Battle of Brads


Date : 29th November , 2023

Register by : 29th November , 2023

Let’s celebrate the success of Chandrayaan III together at VIPS SPANDAN 2023‘Battle of Brads,’ an initiative by the students of VSJMC, VIPS-TC, seeks to unite students passionate about advertising and marketing to foster a co-learning environment.

So what is ‘Brads’?

dynamic fusion of ‘Brands’ and ‘Ads.’ This exhilarating event pushes the boundaries of creativity, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

To give you an overview of the competition, we are featuring three captivating rounds:

1. Brand Creation and Print Ads
2. TV Ad Development with On-Stage Enactment
3. The Grand Finale: Brand Pitch and Auction

‘Brads’ unites 12 teams, each comprising 5-6 talented individuals, on an exciting journey of brand development, storytelling, and marketing expertise. From crafting compelling display ads to bringing TV advertisements to life on stage, and culminating in the ultimate brand pitch and auction, this competition promises to be a spectacular showcase of innovation and skill.

Why Brads?

It offers an interactive platform for advertising enthusiasts in Delhi-NCR to exhibit their talents, network with industry experts, and gain hands-on experience from the pros.

What more? A very informative seminar on “Experiential Advertising and Space Promotion” by an industry expert! For more details, please contact our organising team: 

Nehal Jain: 9818774712
Megha Malhotra: 8287889842

Registration Fees:
Seminar + Competition = ₹ 500 per team (for 5 members) or ₹600 per team (for 6 members) 
Seminar =₹99


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