Be a Good Listener

Sometimes all we need is to open up to someone about what we are going through and how hard is it to survive from the chaos of the world that surrounds us. Because the world that each one carries around them is very different. Being good listeners we can see the world through the eyes of others. It helps to nourish the understanding mentality and to develop the space for empathy and sympathy in our minds.

While listening to a person, we have to look at the problems from that person’s perspective, instead of evaluating them from our perspective. Also, many of the beautiful friendships start by listening to the person sitting opposite to us, maybe at their worst times. Being good listeners we should not compare our problems to theirs or it’s not always needful for giving advice and remedy for them. We just have to listen to them carefully without any judgments.

If the person is telling you something very private then you should make it clear that the person can trust you, that whatever is said stays between you two, and that your word is your bond. Also, it is very important to empower them by holding them up not allowing them to fall. The more difficult it takes to listen the problem may be complex. We have to make out the depth of the pain or frustration that person hold in mind. Having someone who is a good listener is a great gift in life. That’s why Walter Anderson said, ” GOOD LISTENERS, LIKE PRECIOUS GEMS, ARE TO BE TREASURED “