Be Yourself!

I am not what I think I am, and I am not what you think I am. I am what I think you think I am. – Philosopher Charles Cooley

Have you taken any course because your parents wanted you to pursue that? Have you inculcated any habit just because your peers found it cool? Have you acted differently at some point in your life and killed your dreams to fit in the framework of society? If you stop for a moment and do a self-introspection, sooner or later it will dawn upon you that you are not living a life of your own choice.

We, as humans always seek validation from other people to believe in ourselves rather than practising self-love. Most of us spend our life living under the shadows of someone else’s beliefs, opinions and approval and the harsh fact is very few among us dare to put off our masks. As a society, we ridicule disregard and outcast people who go against the norm. While the fact remains, the society that listens to the story of everyone and allows every person to breathe freely, is the one that progresses.

Getting inspired by someone is good but completing moulding yourself with someone’s else’s perspective is a sheer mockery of your own life. Follow your dream, live the way you want and always remember, it’s ultimately you who have to take charge of the driver seat of your life.