Bollywood Baashinde by Ramanujan College

Bollywood Baashinde

Ramanujan College

Register by : April 6, 2021
Event Date : April 7, 2021

Eligibility : All

Mode : Online

Team : 2 Members


Arey O Sambha kitne contestants the?

Greetings from Thrust: The Entrepreneurship Cell of Ramanujan College!

Do you call yourself a Bollywood buff?
If yes, then we have got the perfect opportunity for you to reveal your gifts!

We present to you, “ Bollywood Baashinde “, an event filled with quizzes about Bollywood, from DDLJ to Dilwale, this quiz is for the heart which throbs for all the evergreen eras of Bollywood. 

So come and join us
On 7th April 2021 and bring along the Geet to your Aditya or bring along your tribe of Rancho, Farhan and Raju to help the wheel roll in your favour!

Kyuki Quiz sirf 3 cheezo se chalti hai: contestants, contestants, contestants!!

Rishte mei toh hum tumhaare ecell lagte hai,
Naam hai ” Bollywood Ke Baashinde “, naam toh sunaa hi hoga?

Details for the competition:

Round 1: Q&A
Often wondered if your examinations could be pop culture or Bollywood based? We have fulfilled your dream and got you covered in our first and elimination round!

Round 2: Guess the movies 
Does your heart beats and mind clicks to the rhythm of Bollywood? Guess we will see that in our final decider round.