Pravaah 2024

“There are exactly as many special occasions in life as we choose to celebrate.” – Shawn Hitchcock
The Department of Banking and Finance (B-Section) of Nagindas Khandwala College celebrated Pravaah 2024 on the theme “Champion Chronicles: Trails Beyond Sports” from January 23 to January 26, 2024, marking the 20th edition of Pravaah.
The theme of the festival, “Champion Chronicles,” was marked as a tribute to the sports enthusiasts of the country – the athletes who demonstrate absolute strength to bring glory to our nation in the realm of sports.

Under the guidance of teaching staff and the three B-Section coordinators, B-Section students were entrusted with the responsibility of managing the festival. The event was meticulously planned across four days, each representing a crucial component of life: Management and Fun events on Day 1, Sports and Fun events on Day 2, Cultural events on Day 3, followed by the joyful B-Foundation Day on Day 4.
Pravaah left a lasting impact on students, inspired respected mentors, and facilitated academic journeys. Ultimately, it was a testament to the commitment and diligence of every team member that contributed to the festival’s success.
With emotional student performances showcasing their love for sports, Pravaah 2024’s inaugural event officially launched the celebration. Dignitaries and faculty members who graced the occasion provided encouragement and support. Vice Principal Dr. Mona Mehta’s wise and kind words uplifted students’ spirits. The B-Section coordinators and faculty members played an essential role in leading the team with their expertise.

Participating colleges, faculty, and the organizing team were deeply impacted by Pravaah 2024. The festival saw increased competition with a significant number of colleges participating, enlivening the proceedings. On the first day, participants’ intellectual and mental fortitude were tested through management events. The second day’s sporting events drew large crowds, featuring special twists for added enjoyment.
On the third day, participants showcased their talents in a variety of cultural performances, evoking memories and strong emotions. The fest concluded with a prize distribution ceremony and heartfelt moments shared by team members who had grown closer over the course of the event.
On the final day, which was B-Foundation Day and coincided with Republic Day, the team visited an orphanage, spending time with the children and expressing their love for the country through various activities.

Pravaah was a resounding success, striking the chords of our hearts.