Consistent Efforts Yield Maximum Results

I remember reading a story where the author talks about his dumbfound experience at a grassland. He tells how vividly he remembers the mighty elephants tied to a thin rope. A gentle move could have easily set the elephants free. Baffled by this, he asks the mahout how was the feat possible. The mahout explains how they brought the elephants as infants and chained them.

The baby elephants tried to free themselves for years which was a fiasco. Currently, they are at a point where they are convinced that they are still not strong enough to pull away from the chains. This story has made me think about how we humans share the same cognitive ability as elephants. People usually give up just before success knocks on their door and blame destiny for the failures. The concept of destiny is just an illusionary theory created by humans to let go of the guilt of not making something possible. Everybody can make their destiny with constant motivation and hard work.

Success favours only the consistent hard workers. Obligatory inducement without any real motivation will not take you to places, whereas the passion you have for certain things will. Motivating yourself towards your desired destination will always fetch you great results. One must never give up, failures are the steppingstones to success.