Corona Diaries

Corona Diaries
An Evepaper Journal

A creative outlet; one that shall support our unbridled hopes, aspirations and frustrations in these trying times.

We shall be accepting entries from all over the country, so feel free to share your creations with us and make this journal an all-inclusive, iridescent platform. One of your works can possibly imbue another with conviction & assurance.

“Not for ourselves alone are we born.” – Cicero

Mail us your poems, articles, thoughts, ideas, stories/incidents, wishes, prayers, drawings, paintings, rap, or any creation of yours which you wish to get published in our journal.

  • Writings can be in English or Hindi
  • No word limit
  • Open for everyone
  • Writings can be in the email’s body or word(.docx) format
  • PDF format not allowed

Submit your creations by May 6, 2021

We will compile everything into one journal- ‘Corona Diaries’

You are not alone, we all are fighting and we shall overcome this together!