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Learn everything that you need, from building the perfect Resume/ CV, answering the toughest questions, and giving mock group discussions, and mock interviews. Also, get access to the Resumes/ CVs of people who made it to the big companies!

What does the course include?

This course is prepared by a team of 300+ researchers! Just for you!

Who should buy this course?

  • create an absolutely perfect resume/ CV intended for securing a job/ internship in top companies
  • have an access to all those tricks and tactics which will help in creating the perfect resume including layout, content, sequence, points, and other requirements
  • to scrutinize the reason behind their rejections thereby bringing in amendments
  • get selected for a job interview, on their very first attempt
  • boost up their confidence for any interview


• 8hrs+ Audio Learning  • 3 eBooks  • 10+ Resources  • 2 Mocks

After buying the course login here with Username and Password which were mailed to you post successful payment – Login. You’ll be redirected to your dashboard which will consist of :

  • Podcasts
  • 3 eBooks 
  • Samples of Cover Letter, CVs and Resumes 
  • Templates of Cover Letter, CVs and Resumes 
  • CVs of People who made it to top companies
  • A form where you will have to give audio tests
  • Contact Details of your guide whom you can reach for any queries, complaints and feedback.

The most confusing questions which we as new buds always face are:

  • How to Prepare a CV or Resume?
  • But what’s the difference between a CV or Resume? Where to send what?
  • Should I add my image to in CV/ Resume?
  • What should be the format of the Resume/ CV?
  • Should I add my educational details before or experiences and achievements?
  • Should it be colorful or white?

Now it’s time to stop staying confused. After buying the course you’ll get access to many samples and templates of CV and Resume.

Do you know the USP of our course materials

You’ll get access to 100+ CVs or Resumes of people who got successfully placed in BIG companies. Wasn’t this we always wished for to get access to them.

To help you get into your dream companies, our team of 300+ researchers have specially curated these 3 eBooks and few more resources to help you Crack Any Interview!

  •  Job Interview Guide
  • How to Answer the Toughest Questions?
  • Master the Group Discussion
  • Various Other Content Materials 

If you are not an avid reader don’t bother we have 8hrs+ of content in Audio Book format. (Basically all the eBooks are also available in Audio format)

So, whether you are travelling in metro or having a random walk in a park, plug-in your ear pods and keep your preparation to crack any interview.

After listening to/ reading the eBooks, you need to give tests in Audio Format showing that you have completed the course material.

After you have given the test, within a week you’ll sit for your Mock Group Discussion and Mock Interview as per your convenient timings.

The Group Discussion is a crucial elimination round in an interview process that candidates need to be a part of after clearing their aptitude test or the written exam.

A vital component in any screening process, GD involves the participation of a group of people who are asked to debate and discuss different aspects of a topic given by the interviewers.

Regardless of whether you are looking at getting into a top-notch college or applying for a job, the group discussion round is something that you will have to face in order to get one step closer to realizing your dream.

Although many candidates freeze at the thought of how they will present themselves in a group discussion.

So here is a chance to get yourself accustomed to the the Group Discussions, so that you can ace any group discussion and are all prepared for it.

You’ll get proper performance reports, areas to improve and video recording of your interview. 

Interviews are important milestones of a person’s career. It is of utmost importance to bring an element of seriousness in preparing and appearing for an interview. The effort one puts in to the preparation process gets reflected during the interview. It is also important to keep in mind that often an interview is not a test of your knowledge, but your ability to manage stress, and show your confidence and tell them that you are the one they are looking for at that very moment.

So boost your confidence by appearing in a mock interview. 

You’ll get proper performance reports, areas to improve and video recording of your interview. 

After you have given the 

  • Audio test
  • Mock Group Discussion
  • Mock Interview 

Fill out the feedback form to help us improve and to let us know your experience.

Get an official and verified certificate from Evepaper to show your recruiter your seriousness to get the job. Our certificate shows them you are all prepared to Crack Any Interview and get into your dream company!

Add another feather to your profile!

What are you waiting for?

Increase the chances of getting into your dream company now!


It will take you 8+ hours of listening to the audiobook or go through the materials. Post which you have to give 3 tests: 

  • Audio Test 
  • Sit for 30 min Group Mock Discussion 
  • Sit for 20 min 1 : 1 Interview

Yes! The payment method is easy, safe, and verified.

Currently the course including mocks is available in English.

The course is in practical format where you have to give mock interview virtually and to prepare for the mocks the content is in eBook and Audio Book format.

You will get access to a community of like minded enthusiasts wherein you can share your doubts and connect with more people.

Yes. You will get a certificate upon completion of this course.

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