Discipline: The Ultimate Source of Motivation

Is it normal to be lost during a busy day? Is it normal to work without vim and vigor? Is it normal to look for a motivational source after completing every task? The answer to the above set of questions is ‘Yes’ but this affirmative response will only give a two-minute validation to our thoughts.

So, what happens next? We will be flooded with waves of apathy on a daily basis and still do nothing about it. What if this article provides you with one simple solution so that we don’t get trapped in this vicious cycle all over again? Discipline. Discipline, according to Webster, means orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behaviour. Keeping the definition aside, let’s have a closer look at the word and focus on its last four letters – ‘line’.

The word ‘discipline’ itself is indicating that when a person has a line to follow (i.e. a prescribed code of conduct, behaviour, adherence to a fixed routine), the person can be called disciplined. Although discipline has become more of a cliche, it can improve our motivational scale from rags to riches. Since the day we were born, it has always been taught by our teachers or mentors by submitting work on time or abiding by the deadlines. But this time, why don’t we try it ourselves and see the magic?