Effective Ways of Making Notes

Effective note-taking does not mean decorating your pages or having calligraphic writing but creating pages you can refer to again. Having a good note taking regimen will help you study more effectively. Here are a few tips and tricks which will help you make your notes effective without spending too much time on them.

If you are taking notes during a class, going through your study material before class not only helps you understand the topic better but provides you with an insight on how to take your notes. Write down 3-5 key points that you find important instead of writing whole sentences. If allowed you can also record your professor to cross-check your points later.

If you wish to take notes while studying from a controlled environment like a pre-recorded video or textual matter, setting up an area with all your needs at arm’s length can be crucial. Take full advantage of the time and go through each paragraph (topic) thoroughly before taking the key points from it.

Understanding your learning methods can also help you make better notes. If you grasp things visually, then having diagrams or making your notes neat and attractive can be helpful. You should always have the most important points in the easiest language in your notes to make reviewing easier. You can make your notes personalised which suits your needs.