How to avoid boredom as a college student?

A college student’s life revolves mostly around classes, assignments, webinars, etc. Despite this busy schedule, there are days when unproductivity paves the way for laziness and boredom. This boredom, on more than one occasion, is caused due to being overworked. There are several ways to find something to keep ourselves occupied on days like these.

Revive your old passions and hobbies
Often, our interests take a backstep over studies as we cannot find the time to pursue them. On our free days, we should try to renew and relive the old memories by partaking in our old interests.

Practise self-care
College life is incomplete without the element of stress. In order to combat this, utilise the free days to do something that is a stress buster for you. Listen to music, practise skincare, reading a book, etc.

Because of the pandemic, most of the world has seen a virtual shift online. It is because of this that we are confined to our study desks most of the day and do not get much exercise done. Using this time for exercise will help keep our bodies active and our minds healthy.

This helps us de-stress and increase our focus, thus, improving our concentration and learning power. The life of a college student can be both productive and boring, it depends on how one chooses to mould it. It is in our hands to enhance our productivity as per our calibre and potential.