How to be an Influential Leader

Leadership is the ability to get extraordinary achievements from ordinary people. True leadership does not depend on titles or levels you climb upon, rather it depends on the influence you have upon others. The analogy between influence and leadership can be explained by the ability of the leaders to tap into the emotions that drive people’s actions through influence.

The foundation of great leadership relies on the trust one has over one subordinate. It relates to making themselves look reliable and making the people feel confident in their leader’s intentions and abilities. Allowing members to innovate, collaborate, and engage provides the members with a sense of pride and belonging and creates an atmosphere of coownership. Moreover, helping people achieve their goals and setting them up for greater success by helping them grow marks the responsibility of a leader and is in turn rewarded by appreciation. Balancing autonomy and authority helps in gaining more respect and tolerating challenges, delays and obstacles with a calm demeanour is highly motivating and encouraging to others and gives them someone to look up to.

Recognising everyone as equals, staying humble, showing competence, having an open mind and being open to conversations helps them connect on a more spiritual basis and provide them with a reason to listen to their leader along with making one seem worthy. As Ronald Reagan cites “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets people to do the greatest things.”