How to choose the right career for yourself?

Choosing the right career for yourself is a combination of one that fits our skill set as well as one that we enjoy. In the fast-paced and dynamic world that we live in today, we have an array of options offered to us which results in confusion. The best way in which we can choose the right path for ourselves is by considering and practising the following points:


Analysing our strengths, weaknesses and interests before making a career choice increases our chances of landing a job that we will be successful at. This can be done by asking ourselves basic questions such as ‘What was our favourite subject at school?’ and ‘How well did we perform at it?’

Making a list of interesting career paths

Based on our test, the list of careers that our profile matches should be long. However, we shall only include those of our interest in our lift. This will help us come closer to the desired option.

Planning out our short term and long term goals

While planning your goal you need to map out the route for yourself which makes your journey achievable. A realistic plan works best as it helps you adhere to your schedule.

Lastly, always remember that nothing is unachievable. If you lack the skills, you can always work on building them. Nothing is impossible as long as you stay focused and determined.