Importance of Taking a Pause in the Hustle Culture

While mindlessly scrolling through Instagram for hours, we become addicted to the escape that the virtual world provides us. It becomes our coping mechanism in the time of anxiety and restlessness as it numbs our feelings. Anxiety has crippled many of us during tough times. We find ways to keep ourselves occupied, to distract the gnawing sense of self-consciousness. We struggle with patience and relaxing, as our brain rejects to calm down despite exhausting the body beyond the limit.

Patience is not easy today as millions struggle with their mental health, trying to keep up with the fast-paced world. Opportunities and events pass by in a flash and if you aren’t on your feet the whole time, you miss your chance. It’s an endless cycle, further glorified by hustle culture which believes in pushing yourself and producing maximum output or you lose the imaginary race.

So when does our generation find time to relax? The answer lies in dismantling all pre-conceived notions of success and unravelling its meaning on your own. Defining success in one’s own terms. Pausing is important in this race. Taking a breather, for as long as one wants, recuperating and starting again. The pause helps in re-building our focus by giving us time to rejuvenate. We get a chance to treat our minds along with our bodies, and water the inner flower, preparing to bloom one day.