Let's Learn French

Let's Learn French

CoronaUnity French

Date : 10-04-2022

Time : 03:00 pm

Register by : 31-03-2022

Eligibility : All

Mode : Online

Paid : ₹ 200

FRENCH remains one of the most sought-after languages for language learners.
To understand the language in detail, learn a few basics to start a conversation and boost your French-learning trajectory, join in for a 2-day workshop! By the end of this workshop, you will be comfortable with introductory conversational french and will also become a part of a French language-learning peer group.
Following topics will be covered in the introductory workshop:
1) Salutations and Greetings
2) Basic Grammar including articles, nouns, pronouns, verbs and adjectives.
3) Numbers, Colors, Family members, Nationalities, Professions and Hobbies
4) Telling time in French Eligibility: A diligent interest in learning French.
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