The 21st edition of Frames Film Festival, which will be taking place in the second week of February 2024, recently unveiled its theme for this year. The theme release took place at SIES (Nerul) College of Arts, Science and Commerce (Autonomous). The theme for this year is Manzar- a cinematic journey.

It celebrates the journey of filmmaking and the culmination of ideas by providing a platform for all budding and aspiring filmmakers to showcase their talent. Every film has a story to tell and the process of making an impactful film is a journey of its own.
The event started off with a few performances by the volunteers which was followed by a melodious performance by two young artists- Kritin Kay and Aryan Shabin. Not only this, the core team of the last edition of Frames Film Festival also shared their journey and experience with Frames.

In the end, the theme for the festival was revealed through a massive banner drop and the current core members encouraged the volunteers and guided them on their enriching journey ahead. Saravana, one of the core members said, “Frames provides a platform and an opportunity to all the aspiring filmmakers and artists worldwide to showcase their art. It allows their work to receive the due credit, respect and appreciation. Not only this, their art also gets a ‘Manzar’ or view which can be seen and understood by all. The hardwork of all volunteers, heads and core has made the film festival a continuous success.” The event ended on a note of enthusiasm and excitement with the slogan of Frames being chanted by all, “GO FRAMES!!”.