Miranda House’s Eco-Extravaganza: A Triumph for World Environment Day

Within the verdant campus of Miranda House, an environmental revolution is underway, spearheaded by MH Vatavaran, The Environment Society. Their mission is clear: to champion sustainability and make a profound impact as participants in the SDG Eco Championship 2023.

Cloth Carry Bag Campaign: August 2023

The crisp air of August carried a breath of change as MH Vatavaran championed cloth carry bags. An unwavering commitment to ditching single-use plastics swept through the campus, with circulars and reminders igniting a tangible decline in plastic bag usage. It’s a visual testament to a community embracing sustainable practices.

The Story of Polythene Bags

“The Biography of a Polythene Carry Bag” is a captivating, 3 to 5-minute video that unfolds the environmental saga of single-use plastics. It sparked a storm of conversations on sustainable alternatives, shared widely on social media.

Recycled Paper Products: Art Meets Sustainability

In a whirlwind 3-hour creative session, MH Vatavaran transformed recycled paper into eco-friendly wonders: folders, carry bags, bookmarks, all adorned with powerful visuals addressing Plastic Pollution, Water, and the SDGs. These masterpieces served dual roles, showcasing dedication to sustainability and acting as educational tools that reached a wide audience through social media platforms.

Plastic-Free Campus Picket Process

MH Vatavaran took a dynamic stance with a “Plastic-Free Campus” picket process. At entrances, gates, classrooms, and offices, they engaged the college community, using interactive discussions and informative displays to spotlight the detrimental effects of plastic bags on the environment. This initiative exemplified their resolute commitment to fostering responsible behaviors.

Mass Media Campaign on SDGs

In September 2023, MH Vatavaran unleashed a vibrant Mass Media Campaign on social media. It showcased Miranda House’s diverse range of sustainability initiatives, from a paper recycling plant to a thriving herbal garden, inspiring students and the broader community to embrace eco-friendly actions and join in building a greener future.

10,000 Steps Challenge: Well-being and Sustainability

MH Vatavaran added an active twist to sustainability with the 10,000 Steps Challenge. It encouraged students and staff to embrace active lifestyles, demonstrating the positive impact of eco-conscious choices. Screenshots of step progress added up to a collective commitment to well-being and sustainability.

MH Vatavaran’s journey embodies the college’s commitment to environmental consciousness, action, and positive change. It’s a vibrant story of transformation, where every initiative is a stepping stone towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Tanisha Victor 

Research and Content Team Head,