No struggle, No success

One day a man saw a cocoon that was on the verge of blooming. He sat down to observe it. At first, the caterpillar was doing well at coming out of the cocoon. However, it seemed to be stuck midway. The kind-hearted man decided to help it and cut out the remaining cocoon. Although the butterfly was free, it had a swollen body and sunk wings because of which it could not fly.

What the man did not understand was that God had meant for the butterfly so that the excess liquid in the cocoon could be spluttered out. Its struggle would have enabled it to grow stronger and fly. This is the reason why life puts struggles and obstacles in our journey to success.

Every struggle that we undergo makes us stronger and makes us value our success even more. Our success is not measured by how much we have achieved; instead, it is measured by how much we have overcome. It is rightly said, “The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.”