Outspread of Colours

It’s just the seventh month of 2022. India has already explored 16 pristine and out-of-the-box startups in the unicorn club. Undoubtedly, 2021 is considered a megahit period for unicorns, yet 2022 is not far behind. Among all those brand-new unicorns, Purplle, a beauty e-commerce startup has auspiciously set a benchmark in the unicorn club. Nowadays, even amid the launch of various ecommerce platforms like the frog’s umbrella, Purplle has taken an exemplary place in the unicorn club.

Purplle, a beauty retailer Indian brand is founded in 2011 in Mumbai, Maharashtra with an initial investment of Rs. 40 lakhs. The successful team of this growing business includes 800+ employees, dealing with an average range of 40,000 products of more than 600 Indian and multinational brands.

The brand aims to establish itself as the largest online retailer in the segments of the beauty and cosmetics industry with the business flow of various national and international brands’ products and to manifest an incomparably high shopping experience for the users. The paramount features of the brand are personalized beauty recommendations, amazing deals, and offers, and super swift as well as secure payment options.

The brand began its excursion as a D2C marvel items retailer wielding its eCommerce site and application. Purplle targets customers through niche marketing strategies, particularly persons seeking beauty and wellness products. Purplle apprehends two prominent positioning points. The first one is the point of parity that refers to empowering the mind of targeted customers, Purplle emphasizes one of the most genuine concerns of both parties that consumers can get several options of purchasing from different websites and also compare prices of the products. The next one is the point of difference that depicts that Purplle is the one-stop destination for all products that consumers need for essential spa and beauty treatment at a relatively cheap price while other e-commerce giants retail electronic goods, household products, food items, etc.

The premium version price by Purplle has been set as 1 USD per month and 5 USD per year by keeping a focus on the purchasing behavior of consumers.

As promotional strategies, Purplle maintains some regular segments and some seasonal offers with the emergence of demands of the products such as coupons and sales, promotional ads on social media platforms, promotion and sales arrangements in specific customer targeted places like shopping malls, parlors, and saloons, for android users Playstore and apple users Appstore as Purplle shopping app, promotion by celebrities as brand ambassador like Sara Ali Khan, a leading sensational actress.

Although the pandemic had a threatening invasion on the e-commerce business, the later years were overall success back-to-back for Purplle. The YOY growth of the last two years of Purplle stands out predictably at 80% with the scale of $180 Mn annual gross merchandised volume in 2022. The new financing round assisted the startup’s valuation by crossing $1.1 bn, subsequently transforming it into an Indian unicorn organization.

Purplle trusts that web-based entertainment will impact India’s working class to get more into magnificence items, alongside the increment of the buying force of twenty to thirty-year-olds. The organization further expresses that with AI on the lookout, soon internet business stages became huge wellsprings of individuals’ restorative items.