PATRABUSHAN- Floral Jewellery Making

PATRABUSHAN- Floral Jewellery Making

Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College

Date : 31-03-2023

Register by : 30-03-2023

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KALPAVRIKSHA- 🌳The Botanical society🌳of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, University of Delhi is back with its annual fest DELONIX with a plethora of competitions. One such competition is “Floral jewellery”- Making jewellery from parts of the plants.


💥”Exciting cash prizes!”😍🏆

🗓    Date- 1st April, 2023
🕜    Time- 12 p.m.
📍     Venue-  Lab 1 (2nd Floor)

📌No phones will be allowed during the compeitition.
📌Participants are required to take part in  groups of two.
📌Abide by the timings i.e 1.5 hours will be given to complete the design.
📌Use only bio-degeradable things such as cotton, cloth along with parts of the plant to complete your design of Jewellery.
📌Overall look of the model whosever is presenting the jewellery along with her dress would be considered for the judgement.
📌Accessories  that are not handmade will not be considered.
📌All the material should be brought by the participants themselves.

 🎗️Certificate of merit will be provided to each participant!

⚜️ Convener- Dr. Varnika Bhatia
⚜️ Co-convener- Dr. Sujata Sinha
⚜️ Teacher Co-coordinators -Dr. Dolly Kain, Dr. Shikha Prasad & Dr. Sandeep Kumar

For any queries, contact:
Garima- 93067 50292
Anshu- 99310 78796
Tanuja- 96352 78706
Kalpavriksha, DDUC

Prizes worth Rs. 3,500

Participation Certificate

Tanuja- 96352 78706