Procrastination in Daily Life

“I won’t procrastinate my works”, these words seem very familiar, right? Indeed this will be one of the new year resolutions of many of us! Procrastination means delaying an important task, by focusing on less urgent, more enjoyable, and easier activities instead. So, let us sort out the things we can keep in mind stopping ourselves from procrastination: The first thing we have to do is self-questioning with these three words; When, Why and How. It’s very important to recognize WHEN we are procrastinating on the tasks. The answer may vary from person to person. Sometimes, we just wait for the right mood to get started or just take an unwanted break in between work etc. But we have to make out that “Time waits for no one”.

The next step is thinking about WHY we are procrastinating. From this, you can make out about the factors which hold you back from doing things. It may be a lack of confidence, poor time management or over perfection. Whatever it may be sort out the problem and let yourself not repeat the same. The last question is HOW can you solve all these small faults yourself. The answer is very simple! Just think about all of the harsh consequences that you will face when you do not complete the tasks and simultaneously the benefits of completing them. Also, boost up yourself with motivating rewards after completing the tasks in the way you planned. Just think about how good it feels when we finish things as we aimed. So let us take an oath together that we don’t procrastinate doing these things that can stop procrastination by simply remembering the two-minute rule;