Mythos Unbound: RD National College Welcomes You to Malang's Spectacle

Mythos Unbound: RD National College Welcomes You to Malang’s Spectacle

The BMS (Business Management Studies) department of R.D. National College is thrilled to announce the triumphant return of its inter-college festival, “Malang.” Set to unfold on January 31, February 1, and February 2, 2024, this edition promises to be an enthralling experience with a captivating mythology theme.

The organizing committee for Malang ’24, crafted by dedicated students, unveils a diverse celebration of global mythologies. From myth-based quizzes to cultural performances, the festival delves into ancient tales. As the campus transforms into a creative hub, students prepare for myth-themed art, theatre, and a spirited costume competition.

Beyond vibrant festivities, R.D. National College’s BMS department views Malang as an educational opportunity, igniting intellectual curiosity and fostering an understanding of cultural heritage. The festival promises a harmonious blend of entertainment and education, enriching the college experience.