Human Resources(HR)


Work From Home

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About the internship

Human resources are an important part of the work culture of an organisation. They’re in control of the creation and development of programs that improve the performance of employees and the output they produce. Also, they’re in charge of strategizing with the executive management team on goals and provide status updates when necessary.

Roles and responsibilities of the intern

  1. To recruit Research & Promotions Intern as per the recruiting guidelines from your university/ college
  2. Implementing intern engagement practices to improve morale
  3. Strategizing with the executive on weekly/ monthly goals related to intern performance
  4. To update the records of the performance of the Research & Promotions Intern in the google sheets in the group description.
  5. To conduct various activities to increase the morale of the interns
  6. Building a strong network within your college

Skill(s) Required

  1. Should have a good network within the college
  2. Good communication skills
  3. Diligence


  1. Your performance will be thoroughly analysed by us and you will be getting your performance report card every week. Our Recruiting Managers will help you improve your managerial and recruiting skills based on the report
  2. Letter of Appointment 
  3. Letter of Recommendation (Based on Performance)
  4. Certificate of Appreciation 

Additional Information

  1. Interns who can work in a professional environment and meet deadlines are only requested to apply for this internship
  2. All benefits are subject to your performance during your internship