Right to Equality

Right To Equality is one of the Fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution of India. This right was enshrined in our constitution under Article 14-18 to establish a true egalitarian society.

Under this Fundamental right all the citizens of India are entitled to enjoy Social, civil, political, economic and legal equality. The associated articles under this right are explained as follows:

Equality Before Law (Article14)- According to this article all citizens will be considered equal in the eyes of law. All the citizens are entitled to be protected by the law and all the citizens will be treated equally under identical circumstances.

Prohibition Of Discrimination (Article15)- This article states that no citizen shall be discriminated on the grounds like religion, caste, creed, race, community, gender.

Equal Employment opportunities (Article16)- Under this article every citizen will be provided with equal employment opportunities without any kind of discrimination.

Abolition Of Untouchability (Article17)- This article strictly prohibits untouchability in all forms in India.

Abolition Of Titles (Article18)-This article states that state shall not confer any sort of titles except academic or military titles. It also prohibits Indians to accept any title from a foreign country.

The Right To Equality creates atmosphere of brotherhood and peaceful coexistence in India.