Right To Freedom

Article 19- This article provides six kinds of freedoms which includes:

  1. Freedom of Speech and expression
  2. Freedom to Assemble peacefully without arms
  3. Freedom to forms Associations and Unions
  4. Freedom to move freely
  5. Freedom of Residence
  6. Freedom of profession

Article 20- Three kinds of protection is provided to the individual in case of conviction.


  1. No person shall be convicted for offence except the violation of law forced in present time.
  2. No person shall be punished for the same offence more than once.
  3. No person convicted for any offence shall be forced to be a witness against himself.

Article 21- This article promises Right to life and personal liberty by the state.


Article 22- This article mentions the rights for protection of a person under arrest or detention.


  1. The person must be informed why he has been arrested.
  2. He/ She must be produced in front of the Magistrate within 24 hours of the arrest
  3. He/ she cannot be kept in custody more than the time determined by the Magistrate.