The heist of the minutes

Time is often referred to as the fourth dimension existent but unlike the other three dimensions, you can’t travel back here. Time is finite, running, vital and magical in all ways, but it’s not spatial. We can’t store or retrieve it, but we can save and steal it. We can steal the minutes and those minutes can often steal the show for us. When we’re into something – working, revising or learning, the difference between our focus level and distraction-feeding determines our productivity.

Meditation can improve focus and stability which resultantly raises our productivity. Our dedication as well, is highly responsible for a better outcome. A positive and solution-oriented mindset keeps us dedicated to both new and old things. But there’s something important we’re missing – the minutes.

At higher levels, the game is lost in minutes or even seconds. When the competition is cut-throat, the small things matter more. The minutes between our two activities are supposed to relax us, not to make us addicted to comfort. It’s important to know when to continue. It is equally important as knowing the right time and duration of a break. There are people on the track whom we don’t know. While we’re giving ourselves those few more minutes on the couch, maybe they’re spending a few more minutes in the ring. Know when to get up, know when to work hard. It’s in the minutes that you outwork the rest – day by day, one day.