The Power of 'NO'

J K Rowling, one of the best writers in the history of fiction writing, was once rejected by almost all the publishing houses in the United Kingdom. When her story was finally approved by one publisher, they asked her to only mention her initials. According to them, no one would want to read a fiction story written by a woman. While juggling with rejections, a failing marriage and dealing with poverty, J K Rowling has gradually become a living example of a ‘rags to riches’ story.

A billionaire author, the “Harry Potter” series has sold over 500 million copies and has become the best selling book series in the history. Ever wondered how this transformation happened? Hard work? Dedication? Well, yes. But, more importantly, the word ‘NO’. The word ‘NO’ holds immense power. Many of us are disheartened when usually faced with rejection. What we forget is that when one door closes upon us, there are hundreds of other doors that are waiting to be opened by us. A ‘no’ should motivate us to work harder and stronger. It adds fuel to the fire of a person who is willing to work for something till they don’t achieve it.

The next time that you are rejected or face failure, accept it. Instead of being angry or upset, channel your energy into harnessing the power of failure and converting it into success. Let the ‘NO’ be your turning point!