Who are we and why are we here?

Aashray India is a Non-Governmental Organization ( NGO ) that wishes to stop child begging and provide basic and formal education along with better quality schooling to the underprivileged children in the Indian Society, regardless of their genderclassracereligion, and disability to help them pave their path towards change and self-reliance.

We are committed to achieving

  •  Zero tolerance to child begging 
  •  Focusing and developing 100 % self-reliance 
  •  Providing free and high-quality education for free 

Help Us on this wonderful journey towards change and self-reliance and help us change our society for the better.

Aman Ahuja


Shane Warne Bakshi

Managing Director

Gurshan Monga

HR Executive & Internships Program Manager

Aashray has created a volunteer program. We Involve and take students to community garden, fun events, talent shows, outings etc so that the students get involved in community activities, such as  theatre, sports, community organizations, and dance etc. Giving students a looking glass into a future outside of poverty may be just enough to inspire them to achieve their heart’s desire.

Apply for Internship:-

  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing 
  • Fundraising Interns
  • Graphic Designing 


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